Monday, February 27, 2012

Simple Steps to Boost Your Immune System to Help Prevent the Cold and Flu

Have you ever noticed people who tend to get sick all the time? This can be especially true in the work place. For example, at my job, we have to clock in and out using a finger scanner. Everyone in the office shares this time clock. That means, I have to touch the same finger scanning pad that tons of other people have touched.

Keep in mind that some people may have a cold or flu. Even worse, some people do not wash their hands after using the restroom. It's sad but true. Sharing a time clock is just one example of spreading a cold or flu virus. Think about other things that you share:

    Door knobs
    Computer equipment

When someone has a cold, chances are it will spread throughout the entire company. If you don't want to catch the cold or flu, then strengthening your immune system may be of importance to you. It doesn't have to be difficult to do. Some simple steps may be all you need to help prevent the common cold. Here are some basic steps that can take you a long way when done on a regular basis.

    Wash your hands often - In the workplace, this is especially important. Wash your hands after touching things such as time clocks, door knobs, etc. It's not possible to wash your hands all the time but when you find the chance, do it.
    Take your vitamins - It's difficult to eat a balanced diet when you're busy. A good multivitamin can help supplement what we lack in our diet. For example, vitamin E is known as an immune system enhancer.
    Exercise - Moderate exercise can help boost the immune system. You don't need to burn yourself out. Walking at a good pace on a regular basis is great exercise.

Considering healthier options overall can also help. A good idea would be to eat healthier as well. Cutting back on fast-food options and opting for whole foods can make a huge difference. You may even notice that you lose excess weight over time.

Another option that some health conscious individuals use is detoxing. A detox is simply cleaning the body of toxins over a period of 3-7 days. The most popular detoxes consist of herbal supplements. There are various types so it's best to become educated on the process before attempting a detox on your own.

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