Monday, November 7, 2011

Early detection of eye cancer in children

Until recently, of the many cancers that can be found in children, only one type that can be detected early, which is cancer of the eyeball or retinoblastoma.

Usefulness of early detection

This early detection is an effort to find cancer in its early stages. If the cancer can be known at an early stage, then the chances for recovery is greater than if discovered at an advanced stage.

Associated with a cancer that affects children, it is important for parents to detect early. Although only one type of cancer in children that can be known, early detection is still necessary to determine their level so they can take action more quickly.

Early detection of retinoblastoma in children to determine the so-called "CHECK RED". Examination is not necessarily done by a doctor on duty at a large hospital. A health worker who had been trained to be able to do so. Retinoblastoma attacks children under five, resulting in the examination process, the child will be asked to sit on her knees, while the examiner was not far from the front of them. Examination using an instrument called an ophthalmoscope, an instrument to see the inside of the child's eyes examined.

When the eyes of a child under normal conditions, the examiner by means of an ophthalmoscope to see the red color reflected from the eyes of children. When the tool is not there a red reflection, but even look cross-eyed, then the examiner will advise parents to bring their children to health facilities more complete. Therefore, it is important for the examiner to know beforehand whether the child is examined cross-eyed or not.

For that parents would be expected to check their children once a year for as young as toddlers. No parent who hoped their children affected by retinoblastoma, and therefore remain alert to the symptoms of cancer in children.

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