Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Live a healthy life optimally, now

Health is a very worthwhile investment. Therefore, make optimal healthy living as your daily habits. How do I? Follow the 15 tips below:

1. Meet the nutritional needs
    Pay attention to the nutritional content of our foods contain a complete composition, including
    karbohidarat, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

2. Avoid harmful fats
    Not all fats are bad, because it's important for us to consider the type of fat that we consume.
    Fried foods,butter and snack foods often contain trans fats which can increase the risk of heart
    disease. Healthy fats such as omega 3,6,9 fatty acids actually can reduce the risk of heart disease.
    Eat 3-4 servings of fish a week to increase the intake of healthy fats in our body.

3. Do not forget breakfast
    In order to have enough energy, we need breakfast every day. Even when you are in
    a weight loss program. Breakfast is still the recommended. When the fear of weight gain,
    reduce the portion of carbohydrate at lunch and dinner to control calorie intake.

4. Eating enough vegetables and fruit
    Consumption of fruit and 5-7 servings of vegetables every day to help meet the needs of vitamins,
    minerals and fiber every day.

5. Drink
    Because they most of our body is water, fill the body's need for water, at least 8 glasses a day.

6. Maintain ideal body weight
    Underweight, as dangerous as being overweight. Therefore maintain our ideal weight.

7. Sports
    Besides being able to improve fitness, exercise can also help the body's metabolic processes.
    Do exercise 3-4 times a week with a duration of 1 hour. Select the type of exercise appropriate
    body condition.

8. Adequate rest
    Sleep is as important as food and air. Make sure you rest the body 6-8 hours a day
    so the body's cells can regenerate well.

9. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages
    Cigarettes and alcohol have the effect of free radicals that are harmful to health.

10. Positive thinking
      It is important to avoid stress. Since stress can trigger the onset of the disease.

11. Take some time for yourself
      Often in the busyness makes us forget ourselves. Take time for hobbies so that we
      reduce the stress that can interfere with health.

12. Note the cleanliness
      Bath twice a day, wash hands before eating and after the move, brush your teeth twice a day,
      it could be a very modest first step in maintaining our health.

13. Regular health check
      Regular health check, at least once a year to avoid the possibility of occurrence of the
      disease early.

14. Select natural ingredients
      Limit consumption of processed foods, choose natural materials as a source of food,
      beverages and supplements for natural materials are more acceptable to the body,
      compared with the chemical (synthetic)

15. Supplement consumption
      Many people do not get enough vitamins and certain nutrients due to diet and lifestyle
      that are less good. Dietary supplement will help ensure the nutritional needs of everyday.
      Select in accordance with the conditions and needs of the body, and made from
      high quality natural ingredients making it safe for our health.

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