Friday, November 18, 2011

Slim healthy

ideal body

ideal body

Ideal body slim and healthy, is everyone's dream. Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions when on a diet.

Ideal body, slim and healthy, not only gives us the confidence but also makes us more nimble and move freely while performing everyday activities. Not surprisingly, many people perform a variety of ways in order to reduce excess fat in the body. Unfortunately after successfully reduced body weight, which often happens, the body became loose.

Unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, excess intake of food, as well as the difficulty of finding time to exercise is a problem common cause of the problem of excess fat. Calories from a variety of food that enters the body, not after a fire due to lack of exercise until the end portion accumulates and is stored as fat. Body so not ideal.

Indiscriminate diet can cause a person to lose more muscle than fat. It is less profitable. The more lean muscle mass means fewer owned to make the body's metabolism running smoothly. Though the body needs to maintain muscle from bone fractures due to falls or injuries, because muscles function as a protective cushion. For that we must carefully choose how to diet. We must also carefully determine the supplement to help the formation of the ideal body. One of the natural ingredients that can enhance the metabolism of fat is CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

CLA is found in everyday foods such as in meat, cheese, milk, egg yolks, fruits and others. To obtain sufficient amounts of CLA, we need to consume lots of foods that contain sources of CLA. But the high number of calories might even add to the deposit of fat in our body. The result of fat deposits in the body is not reduced but actually increased.

African mango provides a solution for those of you who want the ideal body shape with a combination of diet, cardio exercise, strength training and supplement the African mango ideal body must be ours.

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